Greester; A Different Kind of New Orleans Easter

What better way to spend a holiday in a new place than with a creative house equipped with open arms, lots of great food, and company? 



A few blocks away from our house in New Orleans, past our sweet old neighbors, past the snowball stand, you will find the Spaghetti Speak Easy. A home that holds events on the weekly... sometimes it's a Literary Salon, sometimes it's an art show or a gospel brunch but more recently it was Greester. 



A greek feast held on Easter Sunday. Attendees came in fancy hats, with instruments or food in hand, all feeling very much at home.



I started off by stuffing my face with potatoes and other goodies. After the lamb was finished roasting over a pit, I decided to break out my Lensbaby to catch some snaps of the good times. I did take a break from photographing and conversationing to make some music and to decorate one egg before finishing off my night with some Swing dancing down the road.

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